Lex Aemilia sumptuaria

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We have of late seen that the Lex Hibernia has proven successful in reducing the presence of large numbers of slaves within Rome, which would create the grave risk of individuals using private armies against the State.

This latter fear is, unfortunately, all to real. And as was raised last month, many Citizens of repute currently house large numbers of gladiators on their estates. This is a perhaps reasonable thing to do; Marcus Aemilius Scaurus for one knows how vulnerable estates can be to raiders.

Yet, allowing this buildup near Rome still allows the opportunity for a private army to be raised and to be marched on Rome before the City has sufficient time to react.

So it is with the desire to find the proper balance of State security versus private ownership rights that I propose this draft of the Lex Aemilia Anti Privatus Exercitum: That no Citizen may maintain more than 100 gladiators or any other guards within Italia-Roma.

I feel this is a reasonable compromise. Private citizens may still maintain a reasonable guards on estates within the environs of Roma and about their person, and may maintain as many as they feel they need elsewhere. The State also becomes much safer. Therefore, I ask you all to support the Lex Aemilia Anti Privatus Exercitum."

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