Lex Cornelia de quaestoribus (Nova Roma)

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Pursuant to Section IV.A.2.b and c of the constitution of Nova Roma and of IV.A.6 of the Constitution of Nova Roma

Introduction: In recent years Nova Roma has had ongoing vacancy issues specifically regarding the electoral officers, Diribitores and Custodes, Editor Commentariorum and Rogatores positions. This has an adverse affect on the people of Nova Roma being able to express their will because the Comitia's that represent the Peoples’ wishes have not been able to be summoned. This law intends to address the issue by giving expanding Consular authority to assign Quaestors to fill the vacant positions until those positions are filled by election or appointment.

A. The positions and offices under the scope of this lex are: Diribitores (also known as election officers) Rogatores. Custodes. Editor commentariorum

B: In the event of a magisterial or administrative vacancy on any of the positions mentioned in Section A The Consul may assign Quaestors to one of those vacant positions. These vacancies, most importantly, the election officers, are vital to the organization and must be filled even if it means that magistrates who are allowed the use of Quaestors go without.

C. Upon being assigned to an open office, a Quaestor will be listed as holding both the Quaestor position to which he or she was elected and as a Suffect from the position he or she was appointed to on the Nova Roma Magistrates page on the official website. Each Quaestor can only be assigned to one open position described in section A as Suffect at a time but may be assigned to more than one such suffect office in the course of a year provided only one such office is held at any time. Any Quaestor assigned to an open position described in A will earn the full century points for the Quaestor position and half of the Century points for holding a Suffect position he or she was appointed. If a Quaestor is assigned as a Suffect officer in those positions more than once in the course of a year, that Quaestor will receive full Century points for holding the office of Quaestor and half the Century points normally granted for the Suffect office with the highest Century point value that he or she held regardless of the length of time actually holding the office.

C. Election related issues: each Quaestor, upon accepting the position of a Diribitor or a Custos accepts the restrictions of not being able to run for office in the next calendar year. If the Quaestor wishes to be relieved of the position the Quaestor must petition the Consuls with at least 30 (thirty) days notice of the summons of the Comitia (Comitia Centuriata, Comitia Populi Tributa or the Comitia Plebis Tributa). The Consul has the discretion to accept or deny the petition with notification given in writing to the Quaestor within seven (7) days of the request.

D. Any changes on any of the positions listed in A will be considered to be reflected in this lex. If a position ceases to be an independent office or ceases to exist then no Consul would be able to assign a Quaestor to that position. In other words, this lex will be valid unless specifically repealed by future legislation.

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