Lex Iunia Cornelia de patrumfamiliarum matrumfamiliarumque aetate (Nova Roma)

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This lex has been REPEALED.

Approved by Centuriata
Yes: 25 No: 3 Abs.: 0
a.d. XIV Kal. Nov. MMDCCLII

This law shall regulate the minimum age at which a citizen may become the paterfamilias or materfamilias of a new Nova Roman gens.

1. Any person 15-17 years of age may not form a new gens and become its paterfamilias or materfamilias. He or she must join an existing gens until the age of 18.

2. If, for whatever reason, an under age citizen is the sole remaining person in his or her gens, then that person will be considered, within Nova Roma, sui iuris (free of the authority of a paterfamilias or materfamilias) and able to assume the position of paterfamilias or materfamilias and the leadership of his or her gens.

3. All citizens aged 15-17 who, at the time of the passage of this law, already hold the position of paterfamilias or materfamilias of a gens shall be exempt from its provisions.

4. Under extraordinary circumstances, an exemption to this law may be granted to an individual by the approval of both censors and a special senatus consultum approved by a two thirds majority vote.

5. The censors shall be charged with the enforcement of this law as part of their duty of reviewing and processing new citizenship applications and requests to form new gentes.

Approved by the comitia centuriata, a.d. XIV Kal. Oct. MMDCCLII (19 October 1999)
Repealed by Lex Equitia familiaris, Non. Oct. MMDCCLVII (07 October 2004)

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