Lex Iunia Cornelia de ratione suffragiorum (Nova Roma)

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This lex has been REPEALED.

This law will modify the section III.C. of the Lex Vedia de Ratione Eligium to read as the following: III.C. Within 48 hours of the deadline for voting, the rogatores shall tally the votes and shall deliver the results to the magistrate who called the comitia to order and his collegial magistrate. Only the aggregate votes of the tribes and/or centuries (as appropriate) shall be delivered; the votes of individual citizens shall be secret. The magistrates shall announce the results of the vote within 24 hours of receipt, in at least the same fora as the initial announcement was made.

Voted by the comitia centuriata, a.d. XI Kal. Ian. MMDCCLII
(22 Dec. 1999).
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