Lucius Cornelius Cicero (Election MMDCCLIX)

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Curule Aedile
File:CIV-Lucius Cornelius Cicero.jpg

Lucius Cornelius Cicero



Fellow citizens, I would hereby like to announce to the people of Rome my candidacy for the position of Curule Aedile.

Due to fortuitous circumstances I am in the position to be able to give of my time and effort to serve Nova Roma.

There are three main factors that I believe makes me a suitable candidate for this magistracy:

1. A love for both Roma Antiqua and Nova Roma and the desire to see our republic expand and offer as much as possible to its citizens in order to both increase membership and to retain interest among those who are already our fellow Romans.

2. A knowledge of Rome gained through both personal research and through formal study at university, where I will in the next month complete my final modules for my BA degree major in Classics.

3. Internet access. I have 24 hour permanent internet access both at home and work which will allow me to always be in touch with my fellow magistrates and citizens, something I believe to be essential for the proper carrying out of duties.

Regarding my past service to the Res Publica, I served as a Quaestor to the Plebeian Aedile for the year 2005.

I look forward to serving Nova Roma in the position of Curule Aedile, should my fellow citizens deem me worthy of this honour.

Bene Valete,

Lucius Cornelius Cicero

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