Marcus Terentius Varro

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Marcus Terentius Varro, Roman writer (C. Geta Q. Maximo cos. (DCXXXVIII a.u.c.)Imp. Caesare (VII) M. Agrippa (III) cos. (DCCXXVII a.u.c.)).


Varronian chronology

Varro's chronology of the Republic, a list of Consuls basically, was so highly regarded that it was inscribed on Augustus' triumphal arch in Rome. In spite of this, Lendering [1] lists several reasons that Varro should not be followed and the Consul list implied in Livy should be prefered. Lendering's argument is based on the observation that the removal of certain problematical elements from Varro's chronolgy results in a greater consistancy with other contemporary sources.

Extant works

  • De lingua latina libri XXV (or On the Latin Language in 25 Books) At, Latin
  • Rerum rusticarum libri III (or Agricultural Topics in Three Books)

Known lost works

  • Saturarum Menippearum libri CL or Menippean Satires in 150 books
  • Antiquatatum rerum humanarum et divinarum libri XLI
  • Logistoricon libri LXXVI
  • Hebdomades vel de imaginibus
  • Disciplinarum libri IX

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