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AC-2logo.png This page is maintained under authority of the Aediles Curules


Welcome to the Media Services Department of the Office of the Curule Aediles!

Browse this page to locate various media platforms for Nova Roma-related communications projects. Have a Nova Roma-related media project other personal project you believe other citizens would be interested in? Would you like to list here? Just send us the web address of your site, and we will link it in for you! If you know how to add your own, feel free to do so.


Contact the Office of the Curule Aediles for more information or to submit your project site today:

  • Curule Aedile: L. Vitellius Triarius (lvtriarius AT yahoo DOT com) | Link
  • CA Scriba: L. Ulpius Atellus (koalmyner AT gmail DOT com) | Link
  • CA Scriba: Ti. Cassius Atellus (ti DOT cassius Dot atellus AT gmail DOT com) | Link


Pinterest Images Boards

Personal Boards


YouTube Videography About Nova Roma


Twitter Conversations for Roman Enthusiasts

Personal Profiles

None Yet!


FaceBook for Nova Romans

Personal Pages

None Yet!


Book Clubs & Book Blogs


Online Newsletters and Non-Book Blogs


Yahoo! Groups


  • Explorator - Bringing you the best of the world of archaeology/ancient history every week


  • Back Alley - Some say this is Nova Roma's Best List!
  • Cohors Aedilicia - The staff list of the Aediles (restricted to staff members and magistrates only)
  • Collegium Pontificum - The discussion list of the Collegium Pontificum of Nova Roma
  • Comitia Plebis Tributa - The discussion list of the Plebeian Class of Nova Roma
  • Comitia Populi Tributa - The discussion list of the Tribal Assembly of Nova Roma
  • Factio Albata Stables - The discussion list for the White Racing/Gladiatorial Faction
  • Factio Praesina Stables - The discussion list for the Green Racing/Gladiatorial Faction
  • Factio Russata Stables - The discussion list for the Red Racing/Gladiatorial Faction
  • Factio Veneta Stables - The discussion list for the Blue Racing/Gladiatorial Faction
  • For The Muses - The discussion list for the Sodalitas Musarum
  • Forum Hospitum Novae Romae - General Public Discussion List, dedicated to Ancient Rome and its revival. Discuss points of history, culture, cooking, religious questions, of Latin language and literature, re-enactment and ancient clothes, etc.
  • Forum Romanum - The Mail List of Nova Roma - open to Nova Roman Citizens only
  • Nova Roma Announce - Low-volume official announcement list of Nova Roma
  • Nova Roma Eagle - A website devoted to reprinting articles and stories from the "Eagle" newsletter created in the early years of Nova Roma
  • Religio Romana - Nova Roma's official forum for the discussion of the Religio Romana
  • Roman Cooks and Brewers - The discussion list of the Sodalitas Coquorum et Cerevisiae Coctorum, for those interested in cooking, brewing, vinting, dining and sharing what you know, about Roman cooking, plus that of cultures with which Rome had contact.
  • Senatus Romanus - Restricted list for current Senators of Nova Roma
  • Sodalitas Egressus - The discussion list of the Sodalitas Egressus, dedicated to promoting face-to-face meetings of our citizens
  • Sodalitas Greciae - The official discussion list of the Sodalitas Graeciae, for all things concerning Ancient Greece.
  • Sodalitas Militarium - The official discussion list of the Sodalitas Militarium, for Roman military and naval studies.
  • Sodalitas Virtutis et Romanitatis - The discussion list for the Sodalitas Virtutis et Romanitatis, dedicated to the study and discussion of the Roman Virtues and Romanitas.

Other Venues

From time to time, sites under this heading may be moved up the page under a specific brand venue heading. If your social media/other project venue is not listed above, then your site should go under this heading. If your site was previously listed, and you do not see your site here anymore, look up the page. It has probably been moved to a higher state of media being!

  • RogerSpace - by Roger Twitchell - Commentarii on Marcus Aurelius, Stoicism, Classical Architecture, and other mysteries of the universe!
  • Mons Aventinus - by L. Vitellius Triarius - The unofficial non-governmental wiki project for Nova Romans and others, who want their own free Roman wiki personal page for their self or group. Pick a property in online Roma and move in or link in your website!
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