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This is a project to create articles about Roman archaeological sites in Hispania. All citizens in Hispania are welcome to participate.

Please use this page and the associated discussion page to coordinate the project. Click the "watch" tab at the top of the page to cause the system to inform you by e-mail of any changes to these two pages.


Photos must be your own. Images that are found on the internet should not be used unless permission is given. In that case, give the attribution for each image on its Image page, in the description. Photographs should be placed in the correct category: Category:Archaeological sites in Hispania OR in Category:Sitios arqueológicos en Hispania. Either one is fine, just pick one.

Text should be original and never copied from online sources. Brief quotes may be used in longer articles following standard academic usage for citing sources.

Article names for cities or towns should be the place name in Latin (preferred) or in Spanish. Place the "LanguageBar" template at the top of the page using the article name. For example:

  • In the ES namespace, create a redirect from the Spanish name to the Latin name.
  • In the EN namespace, create a redirect from the English name to the Latin name.
  • In the PT namespace, create a redirect from the Portuguese name to the Latin name.


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Sitios romanos en Hispania

Sitios romanos en Hispania.


The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites (eds. Richard Stillwell, William L. MacDonald, Marian Holland McAllister) is available online from Perseus.

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