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Provincial Website

Provincial Newsletter

Provincial Forums

  • For Nova Roma Provincia Dacia citizens:
Dacia Forum
  • For Nova Roma Provincia Dacia magistrates :
Trium Daciarum
  • For Nova Roma Provincia Dacia editors:
Dacia Webzine

Local communities

Links of interest

  • Marcus Prometheus' Calendar- an impressive calendar, the result of more than ten years of work of M. Prometheus Decius.
  • Terra Dacica Aeterna - "Terra Dacica Aeterna" association, dedicated to recreation of military and civilian life aspects of both ancient civilizations, Roman and Dacian.
  • Virtus Antiqua - "Virtus Antiqua" association, dedicated to Roman virtues promotion. Is unique, educative and gentle association in Romania which through it purpose transcends the common spiritual restoration to the sublime level.
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