Quintus Iulius Probus (Election MMDCCLIX)

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I, Quintus Iulius Probus, officially present my candidacy for Quaestorship.

I'm a citizen of Nova Roma since February 2005, and one of the active members of my province. In those two years I've tried to fulfill honorably all the duties that I was assigned for. I've participated two years consecutively at the Ludi, being a member of Iulius Sulla's Cohors and scribe in Equitus Cato's Cohors. In Provincia Dacia I have the honor to be the Legatus Militum. In this position, my first concern was to know as much as possible of the military history and development in my Province. I `ve been present at a lot of activities in that direction, by visiting and analyzing the Roman objectives in my area of interests. Also in my province I work as a translator too, being a good English and French speaker, and a beginner in Bulgarian. I can say that the members meetings in our Province are very important because this way we can develop friendship and they also represent the start point of any mutual project. Participating at every local event I've tried to guide the new citizens and I've helped them find the way at the heart of the group. I also represent one of the young families in Nova Roma, and in many of my activities I was helped by my wife Lucia Iulia Severa who is always on my side. My candidacy for quaestorship is my first step in Cursus Honorum. I think that this will be the next step in my activity since this moment. So honorable citizens, please allow me to put my skills and my knowledge in our community purpose, by giving me your trust vote.

Thank you


Quintus Iulius Probus

Legatus Militum Provincia Dacia

Scribe Cohors Aedilis Equiti Catoni

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