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Official Mailing Lists

  • "Main List": (public) Nova Roma's primary venue of communication for citizens and magistrates alike. On this high-volume list, we discuss various Roman historical topics as well as our own activities.
  • Nova Roma Announce: (public, read only) A low-volume companion list for announcements only. This list is used only for election announcements, upcoming special events, publication of edicts and laws, and similar material.
  • See the Sodalitates page for links to their websites or mailing lists.

Unofficial Mailing Lists

Lists run by citizens with various Nova Roma-related themes or purposes.

Other venues

The official monthly magazine of Nova Roma, Aquila, is the voice of our Res Publica.

Our [chat system] is open to citizens of Nova Roma. It is always available, but most people tend to participate on "Market Days", which occur every eighth day; you can view the current calendar to see when the next Market Day is - or drop in anytime.

Many citizens have chosen to [their IDs] in various instant message systems (Yahoo, AOL, IRC, etc.).

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