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Official Mailing Lists

  • "Main List": (public) Nova Roma's primary venue of communication for citizens and magistrates alike. On this high-volume list, we discuss various Roman historical topics as well as our own activities.
  • Nova Roma Announce: (public, read only) A low-volume companion list for announcements only. This list is used only for election announcements, upcoming special events, publication of edicts and laws, and similar material.
  • See the Sodalitates page for links to their websites or mailing lists.

Unofficial Mailing Lists

Lists run by citizens with various Nova Roma-related themes or purposes.

Other venues

The official monthly magazine of Nova Roma, Aquila, is the voice of our Res Publica.

Our IRC chat is open to citizens of Nova Roma. It is always available, but most people tend to participate on "Market Days", which occur every eighth day; you can view the current calendar to see when the next Market Day is - or drop in anytime.

Many citizens have chosen to publish their IDs in various instant message systems (Yahoo, AOL, IRC, etc.).

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