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Item II - The IT-project (voted text)

The text

The Senate appoints Kristoffer From (formerly known within Nova Roma as Senator Titus Octavius Pius Ahenobarbus) as the programmer who will develop and set up a new IT-system, consisting of an automated election-system anda new citizen database with tools for our magistrates and citizens.

The Senate affirms that the cost for the IT-project executed by Kristoffer From will be paid for with 10 000 USD.

The Senate requests the project to be completed in time for the fall elections in November 2010, but understands that if the new system is not ready in time, Kristoffer From will arrange the elections and run- off elections in the current system. Kristoffer From will, in addition to the fall elections and run-off elections, set up no more than one session in each Comitia each month during his work on the project.

The Senate orders the CIO to choose the most advantageous pay model for Nova Roma, either the mentioned Swedish NPO or another solution. Guarantees by the CIO will be given to assure that any chosen solution is irreproachable. A registered accountant who will check on the correctness _may_ need separate pay though.

Kristoffer From will leave reports on the progress of the project to the CIO who will share these reports with the Senate. There will be five such short reports, these reports will be sent to the CIO at the following occasions and when the following milestones are completed (but probably not working together yet):

  • 1. Database (the backbone of the new site)
  • 2. Access control (a basic website with an authentication method)
  • 3. Server-side daemon (to enable automation of time-sensitive tasks)
  • 4. Election system (automated running of elections)
  • 5. Administrative tools (so magistrates can access the system)
  • 6. Documentation (so Kristoffer is not the only one who knows how it works)

These milestones may be reported in any order and they only have a partial connection to the payment of Kristoffer From. The reports will serve the purpose of keeping the Senate informed of progress of the IT-project. Still, the work is too complicated to connect the milestones too strictly to payments.

Kristoffer From may report on the milestones in any order, as they are reached. The last payment will however not be made until the CIO has stated that the work is finished.

The Senate orders the CFO or someone appointed/approved by the Senate instead of a CFO to immediately set aside the full 10 000 USD and upon the start of the project pay 2 500 USD for salary, social costs and taxes for Kristoffer From. The next payment of 2500 will be paid as soon as Kristoffer From reports on one milestone and a third payment of 2 500 USD will be paid as soon as Kristoffer From reports on a second milestone. When the project is completed to the satisfaction of the CIO, the remaining 2 500 USD will be paid according to the chosen pay-model.

Kristoffer From will do after-work checks and surveillance checks for at least three months to see to it that the new IT-system really works in actual use. Nova Roma may also be asked to assist in performing tests of the system during this period.

Votes and opinions

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