Second Senate Report of Marcus Cassius Julianus 22 Dec MCMXCVIII

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Reappointment of Flavius Vedius Germanicus to the Senate

Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 13:38:41 EST

Salvete, Omnes,

As part of the legislation for the ending of 1998, the Senate of Nova Roma has undertaken two votes to expand and strengthen the Senate for the coming year. These will be the last two Senate membership votes of this year. Certainly our incoming Consuls will nominate additional Senatorial candidates in 1999 as well!

The first vote has been on the reinstatement of the Co-Founder of Nova Roma, Flavius Vedius Germanicus, to the Senate.

By majority decision, the Senate has voted to officially reinstate Flavius Vedius Germanicus as a full Senator of Nova Roma, with all responsibilities that such position entails.

Welcome back Flavius Vedius Germanicus, Senator of Nova Roma!

Germanicus has contributed much to Nova Roma both during and after the founding. His skill and experience will be invaluable in the coming year for the growth and progress of our Micronation. Hopefully all Citizens will join in congratulating him on his return to the Senate which he helped to establish!


Marcus Cassius Julianus (On behalf of the Senate of Nova Roma)

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