Senatus consultum IIII: appointment of Ambrosius Silvanius Virbius as proconsul of the great lakes provincia and curule aedile (Nova Roma)

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Senatus Consultum IIII: Appointment of Ambrosius Silvanius Virbius as Proconsul of the Great Lakes Provincia and Curule Aedile

Adopted March 21, 2751

(Proposed by Flavius Vedius Germanicus 3/19/98. No voting deadline. Approved with no dissenting votes 3/21/98.)

I would like to propose Ambrosius Silvanius Virbius be made Proconsul of the Great Lakes Provincia and Curule Aedile. He lives in Cincinatti, OH, so he is geographically suited. He has already had great success in recruiting people for his gens (6 so far, with more coming, I understand). He is also hosting what promises to be a huge Nova Roma gladiatorial games event in June (hence his suitability for the position of Aedile).

This will entail Quintus Caecilius Metellus stepping down as Proconsul. I have already been in touch with him privately and he has not objected to the idea. I would hope that Metellus can serve the Republic in an position additional to that of Plebian Aedile, which he currently holds.

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