Senatus consultum de epistula ad societatem “ropaganismum”

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The Senatus Consultum in this page were issued during the time of schism between the illegal corporate Nova Roma dictatorship and the non-corporate free Nova-Roma. This Senatus Consultum was issued by the true free 'non-corporate' Nova Roma magistratus during this time.


Enacted on: Id. Apr. Q. Arrio P. Annaeo cos. ‡ XXII ANRC et MMDCCLXXII AUC (In the year of the consulship of Q. Arrius and P. Annaeus, 13rd April, 22 ANRC / 2772 AUC / 2019 AD)

The senate authorizes consul Q. Arrius to send the official letter from the senate of Nova Roma about friendship to Ropaganism organization that the consul presented to the senate during the debate with any potential modifications that he might deem necessary later but without any change in the meaning.

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