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Senate appointments edicts


Censorial edict on the reject of the citizenship of T. Flavius Aquila.

In view of lex Minucia Moravia de civitate eiuranda (a.d. III Nonas Maias, 2759 auc) which :

  • authorizes the automatic reinstatement of a citizen who has previously resigned, at the sole condition of a “waiting period” of 90 days ;
  • obliges Nova Roma to restore the reinstated citizen in “any titles, honors and/or effects of past public offices (including century points) that he or she may have held at the time that citizenship was either suspended or resigned”

Considering the resignation laid by T. Flavius Aquila on a.d. III Nonas Martias 2763 (March 5, 2010) ;

Considering that, at this time, T. Flavius Aquila was a sitting aedilis curulis, the governor of a Novaroman province, and the assistant of two high magistrates, and therefore an “official of the Republic of Nova Roma” in the meaning of the above-mentioned senatus consultum ultimum ;

Considering the request sent by the same citizen to the censors of Nova Roma on a.d. V Idus Dec. 2763 (Dec. 9, 2010), asking his reinstatement in citizenship ;

Considering that the reinstatement of T. Flavius Aquila was to be recorded, in the framework on the then applicable laws of Nova Roma, for next a.d. VII Idus 2764, after the completion of the “waiting period” of 90 days ;

In view of the senatus consultum ultimum issued by the Senate of Nova Roma on a.d. IV Kal. Martias 2764 auc (Feb. 26, 2011) which :

  • forbids that an “official of Nova Roma Inc. or (of) the Republic of Nova Roma shall be at the same time a founder or an official of competing organizations which would include activities or services in the creation, development, and/or working of a Republican Roman State”
  • authorizes Nova Roma to “take every measure to prevent, avoid or eliminate any one of the situations evoked in the article 1, including the rights to refuse the admission of an applicant member “;
  • shall remain in force until next pridie Kalendas Ianuarias 2765 (December 31, 2011), and will, therefore, replace, during this period, every contrary constitutional or legal provision ;
  • thus replaces, in its provisions relative to the reinstatement of previous

citizens of Nova Roma, the provisions of lex Minucia Moravia ;

  • therefore authorizes the censors, who have, for Nova Roma (inc.), the power to manage the entries and end of citizenship, to refuse the reinstatement of a previous citizen, even if this person was inside its 90 days waiting period and close to its end.

Considering that the evidence has been given that T. Flavius Aquila holds the official position of “praetor urbanus” and “senator” in the non-profit making organization called “Res Publica Romana” ;

Considering that such positions are clearly the ones aimed by the senatus consultum ultimum a.d. IV Kal. Martias 2764 auc, as “official of competing organizations which would include activities or services in the creation, development, and/or working of a Republican Roman State” ;

Considering in effect that “Res Publica Romana”, created by former members of Nova Roma and which is organized as a Republican Roman State, is objectively, and whatever the real intents of its founder, a “competing organization” for Nova Roma, specially in the fact that there cannot be, beside Nova Roma which claims to be the (only) heir of the Ancient Rome, another non-profit organization which, worldwide, claims to reenact and personify the State of the Ancient Rome.

Censors Iulius and Memmius edict jointly:

Article 1:

The reinstatement in citizenship of T. Flavius Aquila (Nova Roma id. Number 10597) is rejected.

Article 2:

Every Novaroman officer and her/his department must, as far as they are concerned, enforce the present edict, which will be published in the Tabularium Novae Romae and in Nova Roma relevant internet 'discussion' lists, as well as notified to T. Flavius Aquila.

Datum sub manibus nostris pridie nonas Martias MMDCCLXIV a.u.c, P. Ullerio C. Equitio coss.

Given under our hands this the 6 th day of March 2764 a.u.c, in the consulship of P. Ullerius and C. Equitius.

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