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<includeonly><span style="font-size:smaller; font-style=italic; vertical-align:super; color:#990000">
<includeonly><span style="font-size:smaller; font-style:italic; vertical-align:super; color:#990000">
{{#switch: {{lc: {{{1}}} }}
{{#switch: {{lc: {{{1}}} }}
| #default = Citation needed
| #default = Citation needed

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{{Cite|reason code}}

where reason code is one of: incomplete, quote or translation. Placing this template after a statement will add a citation request at the place the template is entered for the selected reason, and add the page to the category Articles with statements needing citation.

  • With incomplete as the reason, the citation request will read "More complete citation needed".
  • With quote as the reason, the citation request will read "Source of quotation needed".
  • With translation as the reason, the citation request will read "Citation for translation needed".

Reason codes are not case-sensitive. If no reason is entered, the default text "Citation needed" will appear.


This template is under continued development. More reasons may be added, the text displayed may be changed, in the future. Please use the discussion page to request changes to this template.

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