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M Lucretius augur sacrifices Sarmatia.jpg

Augur publicus M. Lucretius Agricola sacrifices in Sarmatia


Simple photo rotator


Put {{PhotoSwitcher}} in any page. Best results will be on a page with two columns or within a <div> element about 50% of page width wide.


[Note: Try seconds (s) as the key instead of day of the year (z). This makes the image nearly random at each load and limits the number of images to 60, but the Mediawiki cache slows down the rotation.]

The number in the "mod" statement should be equal to the number of photos in the list.

The list is numbered from zero, not from one, so the last photo number will be one less than the mod number.

If the mod number is changed, also change the mod number in the documentation, so the index number is displayed here correctly.

The day of the year is now 104 and the index is now 14

The server time is 10:21:54. The index will increment at midnight, server time.

Choosing Photos

  • All images should be in landscape (horizontal) orientation. They will be resized to 350 pixels wide automatically. If the image is taller than it is wide, then resizing to 350px horizontally will still leave it much too large vertically.
  • Use only top quality pictures - nothing blurred, dark, murky, out of focus, or with a tree seeming to grow from someone's head.
  • Good subjects include historical artifacts, historic sites, groups of Nova Roma citizens, citizens at Roman sites, Nova Roma events.

Add photo to gallery

Add this tag: [[Category:Main page]] to the photo description. This will place the photos in Category:Main page.

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