Tita Artoria Marcella (Election MMDCCLIX)

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Salvete Quirites.
I, Tita Artoria Marcella, stand before you to declare my candidacy for Curule
I, Tita Artoria Marcella, stand before you to declare my candidacy for Curule

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Curule Aedile
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Tita Artoria Marcella


Salvete Quirites.

I, Tita Artoria Marcella, stand before you to declare my candidacy for Curule Aedile, and I do not stand alone--Iulia Caesaris Cytheris Aege stands next to me. We have worked as part of a team this year, both scribes for current Curule Aedile, Iulius Sabinus, and wish to form our own team in the coming year.

Iulia will add her own words to this message, but here are mine.

When I first applied for citizenship in Nova Roma, it was because one of our primary goals is the restoration of the cultus deorum. I wanted to be a part of that process, although I was not sure how to make a contribution. As scribe to a curule aedile, I have had the honor of helping to organize three ludi and to work, albeit only slightly, on the Magna Mater Project. Both duties have helped open my eyes to the reality of what Nova Roma is, and the possibilities of what it can become.

Both Iulia and I wish to continue the work of the aeliles who have come before, including support of the Magna Mater Project. The MMP is a work in progress, and as the aediles in Roma antiqua were charged with building and maintaining temples, if Iulis Cytheris and I are elected, the aediles will again work closely with the MMP staff, striving to promote and advance the goals of the project both within and without Nova Roma.

But that does not mean next year would be a repeat of this one, as the main reason I have decided to run for the office is to offer games and festivals for gods that have, thus far, been neglected. The Ludi Romani and Ludi Megalesia will be presented, but I would also see games held for Mars, the protector of Rome and father of all Romans, as he is father to Romulus and Remus.

Another of the duties of Curule Aedile is to oversee the Macellum and resolve any disputes that may occur between the equites and their customers. In that arena, I feel particularly qualified. I was an Administration of Justice (Criminal Justice) major in college and currently moderate two mailing lists, chosen to do so because I am both fair and decisive. I've also had a website up and running for the lst eight years and, while illiterate in most of the internet languages, I am quite comfortable with HTML and graphics editing.

My desire is to serve Nova Roma and to honor the gods and, as a curule aedile, I believe I can do both.

Valete bene,

T.Artoria Marcella

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