Titus Pontius Silanus (Election MMDCCLIX)

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Titus Pontius Silanus


Salvete cives,

My name is Titus Pontius Silanus. As a new citizen, I offer to serve Nova Roma in some small capacity, and offer my services as Diribitor. Should a comparable post have greater need, I will gladly stand for election for that position instead.

Though I have only been a citizen since 2006-05-09, I have studied Rome 'From the Gracchi to Nero' (to name the primary textbook); have visited Roman sites from Trimontium in Scotland to Carthage in Tunisia; and have recently written a 100,000 word novel (looking for a publisher) called "The Gospel According to the Occupation" - taking the Roman view of the events surrounding the execution of the insurrectionist Jesus of Nazareth.


T. Pontius Silanus

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