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If any citizen has need of my assistance or a question which I might answer, please feel free to contact me, either directly or via my page in the Album Civium.

Q. Caecilius L.f. -n. Sab. Metellus Pius Postumianus

Pontifical Agenda

  • Definition of the term sacer and its implications.
  • Definition and implications of the ius auspicandi, as well as by whom it shall be held, and for what duration.
  • Alignment of the comitia curiata with its historical roots and operations, and methods thereof.
  • Determination of the duties and abilities of the pontifex maximus, as well as the rights attendant to the office, in accordance with historical practise and precedent.
  • Creation and implementation of a mentoring program for newcomers to the cultus deorum and the sacra publica and priuata.
  • Development of the provincial cults.




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