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Pontifical Priorities: M Moravio T Iulio cos.

  • Sacerdotal Development
    • Development of installed sacerdotes publici populi Romani
    • Development of an open "training programme" (e.g., the Camillus Program) for citizens aspiring to take up a post within the sacerdotia publica.
  • Public Development
    • Development of courses on various aspects of the cultus deorum publicus
      • the Calendar, its festivals and observances, and its general operation
      • the deities of the Roman pantheon, their cults and practices
    • Development of the cultus deorum at the provincial and sub-provincial levels
    • Publication of additional articles on the sacra publica and its components


If any citizen has suggestions regarding ways in which I might best handle the above priorities, or other priorities which I should have but do not have listed, please feel free to contact me, either directly or via my page in the Album Civium.

Q. Caecilius L.f. -n. Sab. Metellus Pius Postumianus

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