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If any citizen has need of my assistance or a question which I might answer, please feel free to contact me, directly via email: q <dot> caecilius <dot> metellus <at> gmail <dot> com.

Q. Caecilius L.f. -n. Sab. Metellus Pius Postumianus

Cista Information

Check your information

To check your information in the Censorial database, you will first need to log into the Album Civium: At the top right, enter either your full Roman name or e-mail address, as well as your password, in the appropriate fields, and click "Log in".

Once you have successfully logged into the Album, again at the top right, click "My Account". This will direct you to a page listing your details. On the left of that page will be listed your current e-mail address, and further down the page, also at the left, will be listed your address and telephone number as recorded in the database. If any corrections need to be made to this, please contact the censorial office as soon as possible to have the changes recorded.

N.B.: the information on file in the censorial database as of the Ides of Sextilis (13 August 2011 CE) will be that used for voter identification within the cista.

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