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A priesthood of six women who guard the Sacred Hearth of Rome. The Vestal Virgins oversee the cult of Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth and Fire, and lead public rites sacred to Vesta. The duties of the Vestals included maintaining the fire in the Sacred Hearth of Rome, and making Mola salsa (sacred cakes made from spelt flour used in public rites.)

The Vestals also guarded some sacred objects, including the Palladium (an ancient image of Pallas Athene said to have been rescued from Troy). In ancient Rome the Vestals were virgins — in Nova Roma this has been replaced by a voluntary vow of chastity for the duration of office. Until Nova Roma has a central hearth, the Vestals each keep a Sacred Flame as a symbol of the Sacred Hearth of Rome. The Vestals receive great public respect for their work, and are entitled to be proceeded by Lictors.

The Chief Vestal oversees the efforts of the Vestals, and is present in the Collegium Pontificum.


(six positions, one filled, five available)

Past Vestals: (honoured for their former vows and duties)

  • Vespasia Pollia
  • Prima Lucilla Cornelia Fortunata
  • Gaia Iulia Caesaria Victorina
  • L. Modia Lupa
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