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Note: This page is a duplicate of the original page, created as an archive copy only.

Ludi Martiales 2760 AUC

Organized by curule aedilis T. Artoria Marcella

Ludi Martiales 2760 AUC program:

  • a.d. XVI Kal. Apr. - Opening day ceremony.
  • a.d. XV Kal. Apr. - Ludi Martiales Circenses quarter-finals, Certamen Historicum.
  • a.d. XIV Kal. Apr. - Ludi Martiales Circenses quarter-finals, day two.
  • a.d. XIII Kal. Apr. - Munera Gladiatoria quarter-finals, Certamen Historicum, day two.
  • a.d. XII Kal. Apr. - Ludi Martiales Circenses semi-finals.
  • a.d. XI Kal. Apr. - Munera Gladiatoria semi-finals and finals, Certamen Historicum, day three.
  • a.d. X Kal. Apr. - Ludi Martiales Circenses finals.
  • a.d. IX Kal. Apr. - Cultural Contest victor, Mars essay, closing comments.

Regulae Ludorum

Ludi Martiales 2760 AUC results:

  • Winner of Ludi Martiales Circenses: Volcanus, owned by Q. Servillius Priscus - Factio Praesina.
  • Winner of Munera Gladiatoria: Trypho the Thraex, sponsored by L. Vitellius Triarius.
  • Winner of Certamen Historicum: P. Memmius Albucius.
  • Winner of Cultural contest: C. Aurelia Falco Silvana.

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