Aedes Fortunae Populi Novi Romani Quiritium Primigeniae (Nova Roma)

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Aedes Fortunae Populi Novi Romani Quiritium Primigeniae
aedem vovit C. Buteone Po. Minucia coss.

pro populo Novo Romano

Livia as ceres fortuna vroma permitted use-transp-shadow.png

Dea Fortuna

[S]wift is the pace of Fortune, bold is her spirit, and most vaunting her hopes; she outstrips Virtue and is close at hand. She does not raise herself in the air on light pinions, nor advance "poised on tip-toe above a globe," in precarious and hesitant posture, and then depart from sight. But even as the Spartans say that Aphroditê, as she crossed the Eurotas, put aside her mirrors and ornaments and her magic girdle, and took a spear and shield, adorning herself to please Lycurgus, even so Fortuna, ... when she was approaching the Palatine and crossing the Tiber, it appears that she took off her wings, stepped out of her sandals, and abandoned her untrustworthy and unstable globe. Thus did she enter Rome, as with intent to abide, and in such guise is she present to‑day... - Plutarch


O diva, gratum quae regis Antium
praesens vel imo tollere de gradu
mortale corpus vel superbos
vertere funeribus triomphos
Ovid Book I, 35

O Goddess, Fortuna, mighty to raise
The lowly aloft, or the high to abase
Mighty the pomp or Triumph to turn
To the darkness or the funeral urn;
trans. Patrick Bramwell Bronte

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