Aedes Minervae (Nova Roma)

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Aedes Minervae
L. Rutilius Minervalis aedem vovit C. Buteone Po. Minucia coss.

pro populo Novo Romano

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Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom, also knowed as Pallas Athena in Greek mythology.


Dies admoniet et forti sacrificare deae, quod est illa nata Minerva die.
Pallada nunc oremus. Qui bene placavit Pallada, doctus erit.
Nec quisquam invita Pallade faciet bene licet antiquo manibus conlatus Epeo sit prior, irata Pallade mancus erit.
Vos quoque, Phoeba morbos qui pellitis arte, munera de vestris pauca referte deae.
Nec vos, turba fere censu fraudante, magistri, spernite; discipulos attrahit illa novos.
Mille dea est operum. Si mereramus, studiis adsit amica nostris.
This day reminds us to sacrifice to the strong goddess, for today is Minerva's birthday.
Let us pray now to Pallas, for whosoever wins Pallas' favour shall be learned.
No one, though more cunning in handiwork than old Epeus, can do well; he shall be helpless, if Pallas be displeased with him.
You too, who banish sickness by Phoebus' art, bring from your earnings a few gifts to the goddess.
Schoolmasters, do not spurn her either, nor cheat her of your earnings: she will bring you new students.
She is the goddess of a thousand works. May she be friendly to our pursuits, if we deserve it.
Ovidus (Fastes)
Daughter of aegis-bearing Jove, divine,
Propitious to thy vot'ries prayer incline;
From thy great father's fount supremely bright,
Like fire resounding, leaping into light.
Shield-bearing goddess, hear, to whom belong
A manly mind, and power to tame the strong!
Oh, sprung from matchless might, with joyful mind
Accept this hymn; benevolent and kind!
The holy gates of wisdom by thy hand
Are wide unfolded; and the daring band
Of earth-born giants, that in impious fight
Strove with thy sire, were vanquish'd by thy might.
Once by thy care, as sacred poets sing,
The heart of Bacchus, swiftly-slaughter'd king,
Was sav'd in aether, when, with fury fir'd,
The Titans fell against his life conspir'd;
And with relentless rage and thirst for gore,
Their hands his members into fragments tore:
But ever watchful of thy father's will,
Thy pow'r preserv'd him from succeeding ill,
Till from the secret counsels of his sire,
And born from Semele through heav'nly fire,
Great Dionysius to the world at length
Again appear'd with renovated strength.
Once, too, thy warlike axe, with matchless sway,
Lopp'd from their savage necks the heads away
Of furious beasts, and thus the pests destroy'd
Which long all-seeing Hecate annoy'd.
By thee benevolent great Juno's might
Was rous'd, to furnish mortals with delight:
And through life's wide and various range 'tis thine
Each part to beautify with arts divine:
Invigorated hence by thee, we find
A demiurgic impulse in the mind.
Towers proudly rais'd, and for protection strong,
To thee, dread guardian, deity belong,
As proper symbols of th'exalted height
Thy series claims amidst the courts of light.
Lands are belov'd by thee to learning prone,
And Athens, O Athena, is thy own!
Great goddess, hear! and on my dark'ned mind
Pour thy pure light in measure unconfin'd; -
That sacred light, O all-protecting queen,
Which beams eternal from thy face serene:
My soul, while wand'ring on the earth, inspire
With thy own blessed and impulsive fire;
And from thy fables, mystic and divine,
Give all her powers with holy light to shine.
Give love, give wisdom, and a power to love,
Incessant tending to the realms above;
Such as, unconscious of base earth's control,
Gently attracts the vice-subduing soul;
From night's dark region aids her to retire,
And once more gain the palace of her sire:
And if on me some just misfortune press,
Remove th'affliction, and thy suppliant bless.
All-Saving goddess, to my prayer incline!
Nor let those horrid punishments be mine
Which guilty souls in Tartarus confine,
With fetters fast'ned to its brazen floors,
And lock'd by hell's tremendous iron doors.
Hear me, and save (for power is all thy own)
A soul desirous to be thine alone.
Maiden, only-begotten One, born of Mighty Jupiter, awesome You are, and Divine.
Goddess so blessed, lifting high the turmoil of the fray.
Mighty One, unspeakable yet so well spoken of!
Great-named One at home in a vault of stone,
Caught up in haughty hills and wandering the shaded mountain's ridge,
You who put a dance in the heart and glory in embattlements,
You can put the sting of mania into a mortal soul!
Maiden with the sublime heart,
Slayer of the Gorgon, fugitive of the bridal bed,
Mother of Art in all Your abundance, catalyst of progress!
You bring folly to the corrupt and a sense of purpose to the pure!
Indeed, You are male and female in one, patron of war and wisdom,
You are fluid of form, a dragon, infused with inspiration of the Gods!
Rightly-honoured One, You brought the Titans down to defeat,
You driver of Steeds, born of Triton, save us from evil, bearing Victory in Your arms!
Day and night, eternally, even in the loneliest hours,
Hear my prayer, and grant us an abundant peace, fulfilment and good health.
Make prosperous the hour, Grey-eyed One,
Inventor of Art, the object of the people's ceaseless prayers - Our Queen!
Orphic Hymn
I sing the glorious Power with azure eyes,
Athenian Pallas! tameless, chaste, and wise,
Tritogenia, town-preserving Maid,
Revered and mighty; from his awful head
Whom Jove brought forth, in warlike armour dressed,
Golden, all radiant! wonder strange possessed
The everlasting Gods that Shape to see,
Shaking a javelin keen, impetuously
Rush from the crest of Aegis-bearing Jove;
Fearfully Heaven was shaken, and did move
Beneath the might of the Cerulean-eyed;
Earth dreadfully resounded, far and wide;
And, lifted from its depths, the sea swelled high
In purple billows, the tide suddenly
Stood still, and great Hyperion's son long time
Checked his swift steeds, till, where she stood sublime,
Pallas from her immortal shoulders threw
The arms divine; wise Jove rejoiced to view.
Child of the Aegis-bearer, hail to thee,
Nor thine nor others' praise shall unremembered be.

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