America Medioccidentalis Superior provincial report MMDCCLX

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America Medioccidentalis Superior:

I. Geographia et Populus

America Medioccidentalis Superior is a provincia of over 1.5 million square kilometers, located roughly in the center of the continent of North America, with a small, thinly-spread, but slowly growing population. (I will update population figures at the conclusion of the Census.)

II. Officia et Munus

Lucius Servilius Primus scriba est for subterritoria Kansas.

III. Eventi et Consuetudines

Several meetings have been held in Wichita and Kansas City; unfortunately they have not yet been well-enough attended to qualify either locality as an oppidum. We have high hopes in both areas, however.

IV. Crumena Publica et Facultates Aliae

Probrose dictu, only 33% of our cives are assiduus. Given this fact and given the fact that as yet we do not have any occasion to allocate provincial expenses, I have not deemed it worthwhile to withhold 50% of taxes for provincial expenses.

The only official website and virtual forum for the Provincia is, always has been, and remains the Yahoo Group:

I respectfully request to be prorogued as legata pro praetore.

Valete! Habitetis in luce deorum. Obedienter, C Sempr Graccha Volentia Legata Pro Praetore, AMS

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