Annual Provincial Reports and Responses to Call for Governors February 2768 AUC (Nova Roma)

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Annual reports from the provincia covering activities in the year 2767 AUC
For Senate review in February 2768 AUC



Alasca et Havaia

Provincial citizens elected to public office for the res publica

Marcus Pompeius Caninus - Consul
Marcus Martianius Lupus - Tribunus Plebis

Provincial Agenda for 2768 AUC

My agenda for Alasca et Havaia will focus on internal development:

1. I will reach out once again to all former citizens of Nova Roma who live in Alaska and Hawaii at least once in 2768 AUC via postal mail and at least once by email to let them know Nova Roma welcomes their return.

2. I will organize and sponsor at list six virtual ludi as governor of Alasca et Havaia. The first ludi was the ludi Compitalicii held on 18 January 2015.

3. I will encourage provincial citizens to recruit new members and provide resources for recruitment and public relations opportunities within the province.

4. I will encourage provincial citizens to become involved in Nova Roma operations and governance by becoming active online in the various lists, special interest groups and seeking opportunities to serve as scribes to elected and appointed officials.


I will encourage provincial citizens to step up as leaders in the province and mentor as many as are willing and interested. I see my role as governor of the province to build interest in the citizens and to coax one or more of the citizens to take over - essentially to work myself out of a job. I am seeing some signs of interest in Hawaii and I may travel there in November. Realistically, I believe the large geographic size, high cost of transportation and sparse population will severely limit the possibilities for live events and face-to-face meetings.

Marcus Pompeius Caninus

America Deserta


I apologize for not responding to this earlier. I have had a number of health problems in my family and trouble with my ISP, so I went through a period of not being able to keep up with e-mail (none of which should be an ongoing concern). I would like to continue in my position as governor of America Deserta.

Vale optime,
Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus
Tribunus Plebis
Augur of Nova Roma
Lictor Curiatus of Nova Roma

America Texia

Ave Marcus Pompeius Caninus Consul Novae Romae

Attached please find Governor's Annual Report from the Province of Texia, and the latest newsletter from the Province of Texia.

Publius Quinctius Petrus Augustinus
Legatus pro Propraetore, Province of Texia, Nova Roma


Salvete omnes!

I have been asking if anyone would like to assist in the work of running the Province, but as there have been no takers, I request that I continue as Governor for the coming year. I have paid my taxes at the prescribed amount.

Valete omnes



Q Fabius Maximus Pompeio Canino SPD

Salve Cani

Yes I want to continue as Proconsul of CAL.

Remaining in contact with the citizens of CAL through our website,..
Encouraging our citizens to pay their taxes
Sept. 5th Pamonia Olive Festival in Sylmar, CA
Joined the 6th Legio Victrix in their martial display as the Pro Consul CAL Inferior and Pontifix of Nova Roma. Answered religious questions about Flora and her relation to Pomonia the Spanish patron of olives.

Other than that there was little provincial activities.



Salve consul

Amice as required by the SC on governors and also yourself:

1. There has been no activity in Canada Ulterior and limited activity in Canada Citerior

2. I wish to continue as governor in both provinces

3. Regarding budgets - no expenses for the Treasury as I anticipate no expenses being claimed and no monies held back provincially.

Vale bene



I will continue as governor of Dacia.

During the past year here was only one event organized, a visit to the history museum. We took the advantage of the free museums visits with the occasion of the Night of Museums. The event was local therefore the participation was low. However there is activity on the provincial mailing list which is in place and constant used in the last 10 years.



Salve Canine,

I'm sorry to report that there wasn't provincial activity for Hispania.

I'm willing to serve as governor in the hope new citizens do appear and the province can re start to have activity.

Vale optime,

Italia et Pannonia

Cn. Lentulus praef. Italiae et leg. pr. pr. Pannoniae M. Canino cos. sal.

Esteemed Consul;

I couldn't write the provincial report within the deadline but I will do it later. In one sentence: everything is essentially the same. We had the usual events and programs. There is a nice development in the Civitas Boihaemum (Czechia) thanks to the recruitment works of Ti. Iulius Nerva supported by Sex. Lucilius Tutor, so that part of Pannonia has been growing last year. In the Hungarian section we had about 20 public events, including 4 major festivals where we were part of the official organizers (as it has been for years, so no change). I would call the crown of last year's events the one week where augur C. Claudius Quadratus came to Pannonia for his consecration ceremony. Many NR Pannonians assembled to meet him and participate in that event which took place among the original ruins of Aquincum and before the real altar of the local ancient Jupiter temple.

After these highlights, I confirm that I am willing to continue governorships in Pannonia and Italia.

Vale et respublica valeat tecum!


Nova Britannia Ulterior

A. Iulius Paterculus M. Pompeio Canino s.p.d.

We had a moderate amount of activity in our province over the past year. There was one meeting was held on the Ides of March at the Bidwell Tavern in Coventry, CT. An unofficial description of our activities at that meeting may be found here. A second meeting took place at the Bill Library in Ledyard, CT: the official minutes are here. On October 5, Marcus Quintus Clavus was scheduled to attend a Pagan Pride Day event in Groton which one of the members of the Nova Roma in Eastern CT group had invited us to participate in. Towards the end of the year, I and another member of the eastern Connecticut meetup group started to meet roughly every other week to translate passages from Virgil and Livy.

If possible, I would like to serve as governor again in 2015. I am only 24 years old, so an age exemption would need to be granted as it was last year. We have discussed the possibility of performing a play of some sort, either a translation of an ancient author or our own composition. Gnaeus Floccus has also made plans for activities to take place in Massachusetts. These plans should be able to progress regardless of whether I am reappointed or not.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve our activity level or the quality of our events.

Gratias tibi ago.


C. Decius Laterensis M. Pompeio Canino Consuli S.P.D.

In your call for Governors, you stated that Ohio was vacant. This is incorrect. I have been serving as governor since the provincial reform during Sulla's Consular year. Before that, I was governor of Lacus Magni when it still included Ohio. There has been no activity in the past year here, mostly due to a lack of other citizens in my province. If it meets with the approval of the Senate, I would like to continue serving as Legatus pro Praetore.

Di te incolumem custodiant!


To this day isnt in the province no one member. Although in the province are historical societies Nova Roma they havent interest be part of NOVA ROMA. I suggest to fund an activity historical fencing or organize some action in the province, a parade or a lecture about ancient Rome.

In the province Venedia is more interested in the Middle Ages.

The next stage of considering the establishment of a website in Polish. However, it would need to find a Polish language translators. If the NOVA ROMA someone like that is, I'd like to know about it.

Sextus Lucilius Tutor

Volunteers for Governorships

Tiberius Marcius Ramazinus - Exemption for America Gallica

Salve Caninus,

My name is Tiberius Marcius Ramazinus, citizen I.D. # 14592.

I would formally like to step up and offer to be elected governor of my vacant provinciae of America Gallica (Arkansas and Louisiana). My qualifications are that I am 33 years old, I am an Assiduus, and I have been a citizen of Roma Nova for at least 3 years to date.

I have not held a position and consequently would require the exemption listed on the Lex Cornelia de cursu honorum. If no one from my region offers better credentials I would be honored to learn to be a governor in Roma Nova.

Thank you for your time,


Ti. Marcius Ramazinus

Gaius Claudius Quadratus - request for governorship of Canada Citerior

Salve, Consul!

I wish to be considered for the position of governor of the province of Canada Citerior. I reside in the province and meet all of the statutory requirements. During the past two years I have initiated some activity within the province (contests, meetings, seminars, etc.) and would like to increase the level of in-person activity and, hopefully, encourage others to become citizens. I have office space and a conference room near downtown Montreal available for our use.

C Claudius Quadratus

Tiberius Iulius Nerva - request for governorship of Thule

Salve Consul Caninus!

I see that some provinces are vacant. So if noone wants be governor in Thule, I have interest. I can manage citizens there and recommend suitable person for governorship in 2769 AUC from this area. I am 25 years old and from Czech Republic.


Tiberius Iulius Nerva

Volunteers for Apparitores

Sexta Laelia Macra

Salve Omnes,

While I can't run for governor, I'd like to be a scribe if any of them needs one.

Valete bene,
Sex. Laelia Macra

Gaius Octavius Tranquillus

Salvete omnes!

This is Gaius Octavius Tranquillus, I live in the America Mississippiensis province. I would like to enter into service for Nova Roma. As I am only 21 and have a limited understanding of the enter workings of Nova Roma, I would like to be appointed as a minor magistrate, Apparitor or any minor position in Nova Roma. I look foreword to serving Nova Roma.

Bene valete!

End of Report

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