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Ludi Apollinares 2763 auc : devise, execute and film a ritual to Apollo

A religious multi-media contest is here proposed! Its goal is to devise, execute and film a ritual to Apollo.

Each contestant will be charged with divising the ritual and him/herself taking part in it, but do not feel like it is too daunting of a task! Apollo at Rome was worshiped ritu graeco, which despite the name, is essentially Roman ritual. The most marked difference was that the head was not veiled but crowned with a wreath.

Submissions will consist of:

  • one or more photos (and/or a short video)
  • a text of the ritual

They will be judged by a panel in terms of quality of execution and whether some care was given to historical forms (as best as the cultor can determine in the limited time given). Indeed, in a contest like this, there are no true losers since a sacrifice to the gods is always to the benefit of Nova Roma! Therefore, we welcome everyone to take part.

Send submissions to waltms1 AT yahoo DOT com. If also making a short video, please keep it small (under 10MB).

Deadline: Given the short notice, we allow the contestants to make their submissions up to four days after the ludi (July 17). The results will be announced about one week later on this page.


M. Cornelius Gualterus Graecus

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