Argentina provincial report MMDCCLXI

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Report for the Province of Argentina for 2008

  • I.Anticipated revenue from the province

None, other than tax revenue. The number of tax payers is expected to remain as it is. Our body of active citizens is near to nil.

  • II.Description of fundraising activities planned

No fundraising activities planned at this time.

  • III.Anticipated expenses within the province

None. (Last year, no refund of tax revenue was requested, due to low activity. I expect this to change in 2009.)

  • IV.Description of provincial activities necessitating expenditure


  • V.Other activities

There is still a local Census pending, aimed at collecting data from registered citizens, in order to organise, if possible, additional (or rather, any kind of) activities. A list of recommended readings in Spanish (scientific magazines' articles, books and so on) is being prepared, for further discussion with other Spanish speaking Governors.

  • VI. Please let the record show that I would like to continue as governour.

D. Cassius Lupus

Legatus Pro Praetore Provinciae Argentinae

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