Asia Ulterior provincial report MMDCCLXI

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Asia Orientalis provincial report MMDCCLXI

M. Lucretius Agricola consulibus et patribus conscriptis S. P. D.

Revenues and Expenses

The population of this province has fallen from nine to seven, of which, three are assidui. No other revenue is expected or planned than tax revenue. The number of tax payers is expected to remain small. I will attempt to implement a modest incentive system for the new tax period. No expenses are currently anticipated for MMDCCLXII. No other fund-raising activity is planned at this time.

Projects gets little traffic.

No projects were undertaken in the past year.

I will continue the practice that I began as a civis of using the provincial mailing list to invite other citizens to attend museum shows of Greco-Roman art.

Because we are scattered across several nations using different currencies and because seas divide many of us, no province-wide meetings are planned and there is no simple way to collect taxes on a province-wide basis.


I would continue to attempt to fulfill the duties of legatus pro praetore of provincia Asia Orientalis if the senate of the res publica should desire me to do so. I would welcome being replaced, however, by someone who has more time to devote to this office.

optime valete

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