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Do not edit it without previous authorization given by Aedilitas curulis staff or by Marcus Arminius Maior.

You will find below BARBARUFA, Marcus Arminius Maior's auriga's official aedilician personal file
(updated on Oct. 3, 2008).

File:Xxx.jpg BARBARUFA
Gender : M
Birthplace:  ???
(As. cit.)
Age :  ??
Weight librae: xxx.x *
Height pedes/digiti: x.x *
Registr. for 2761 in :
Athletics : no
Munera : no
Venationes : no
Circenses : yes
1st registr.: Plebei 2760
Nov. 6, 2760 auc.
Patronus : M. Arminius Maior
Current factio : Russata
1st chariot : Rubidea
2nd chariot : no
Current value (pts) : xx
File:Xx qu..JPG Rubidea
Essedum's weight: xxx.x *
1st equus : xxxxxx
2nd equus : xxxxxx
3rd equus : xxxxxx
4th equus : xxxxxx

Victories: none
Best race: Nov. 16, 2760.
Plebei Finals (winner)

NB: For the numbers marked by a "*", see the equivalences with
meter and kilogr. at the bottom of this page.

Last Barbarufa's news 2761, Oct. 3 --


Birthday xxxxx(19xx), a.d.xx Kal. xx. (xxxx, xx)
Appearance Curled hair and beard metis.
Habits xxxxxxx


Hobbies Unknown
Bio xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


His first time with these animals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ludi career In Brasil, he met Marcus Arminius Maior, who became his patronus and subscribed him in NR Russata.

Barbarufa has made a brilliant coming in Nova Roma Ludi. For his first entry in Nov. 2760 for the Plebei, he won the competition, though he qualified second in quarterfinals, taking benefit of Erebus' accident. In semifinals, he was more comfortable, and was 2nd, before Biga Fortuna, Sol Erumpens and Essedum Octo suffering casualties. In Finals, he finished ahead, defeating Venetus Magnus, Flamma Vehemens and Venator Ventorum (Windchaser).
In 2761, Barbarufa has a bad 1st half year, being eliminated in his 1st Quarter race, and renouncing driving till winter.

Wins Plebei 2760
Best performance Nov. 16, 2760 --- Plebei Finals (winner)

Relation with meter : Pes Palma Digitus
Pes: 1 4 16
Palma : 0.25 1 4
Digitus : 0.0625 0.25 1
Meter : 0.2944 0.0736 0.0184
Relation with kilogr. : Libra Uncia
Libra: 1 12
Uncia : 0.8333 1
Kilo : 0.327 0.2725

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