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Annual report and budget for 2761 auc


In 2760, we have created ten projects for 2761, as follows:

1. Restore a provincial website and tabularium

2. Promote a regional meeting of citizens living in São Paulo state of Brazil

3. Create an online magazine, to be published in PDF at priovincial website

4. Perform provincial ludi at our mailing list

5. Restore the provincial Temple of Concordia, Pax et Salus Publica

6. Promote regional meeting in every Brazilian states

7. Found a provincial military Legio

8. Fount a provincial University

9. Establish the non-profit organization "Associação Cultural de Estudos Clássicos Nova Roma do Brasil", according to Brazilian macronational law.

10. Promote a provincial meeting with citizens from all regions of Brazil

Concerning numbers 1 and 5, they are currently under work. The provincial website and tabularium is estimated to be completely ready by the end of February and the Temple by April, 2762. I am working on it myself.

The regional meeting at number 2 will be held in São Paulo city in February 14th, 2762. The meeting is going to be at a restaurant, and we shall wear Roman clothing and have NR flags and similar objects. A small live gladiators show is expected as well. This is going to be excellent also for divulgation of NR. This project is being worked out by Scriba L. Gratius Nerva.

During this event, we plan to establish Nova Roma do Brasil non-profit organization, as in number 9. All the juridical process is being performed by Legatus C. Arminius Reccanellus. All the other projects are currently not being developed, as no progress has been achieved after one year.


The first priority is to finish the projects that are currently under work.

After that, we are going to try to perform the other projects originally established in 2760. Besides, we had too few new citizens applications this year. A divulgation method is going to be prepared for 2762.


In 2761, no expenses have been committed and also no revenues have been acquired by the province, as no activity has been performed. There remains a USD 15 pending to be reimbursed, which are referent to the provincial Census performed 2760 and was declared at Annual Report and Budget 2760.

In the last year Provincial Annual Report and Budget, I stated that we expected 24 citizens to pay their taxes within my Province. Actually, according to the Album Civium, we have currently 22 assidui citizens. This represents an income of USD 71.06 (USD 3.23 each, according to Edictum Consularis VII of 2761). For next year, we expect the same number, considering we have had few new citizens.

We were not able to charge the "provincial tax" that was suggested last year, and this will going to be tryed once again. We are thinking on asking each citizen to pay an adittional 50% to their taxes, that would be kept for provincial treasure. Considering the low value of the central government taxes, we think this may be a possible source of fund. If 50% of the assidui pay this provincial tax, we are going to have USD 35.53 collected. This is going to help up for several essential activities such as website hosting, macronational taxes and fees charged for the foundation of Nova Roma do Brasil non-profit organization etc.

Additionally, a "toga fund" was created. By raising this fund, we can purchase some togas and stolas that would be kept property of the province, and they could be borrowed to the citizens when they need them during an event if they cannot afford buying themselves one. Only citizens who paticipated on this fund would be able to lend these clothes; and when they lend it, that should pay another USD 1.5 fee, and they should return it cleaned or washed as needed.

Considering that 15 citizens could help us, and a USD 1.50 donation for each, we would raise USD 22.50. If we buy two togas, and they both are borrowed twice, we would get further USD 6.

This was already created but not yet practised.

Eventually, during the regional meeting to be promoted, we are planning to ask a volunteer USD 10 for covering the expenses at those events. If we have 5 citizens participating on each event, and we have 2 events, and 3 of them pay on each, we are going to receive USD 60.


From official taxes: USD 71.06 (to NR Treasury)

From provincial taxes: USD 35.53

From toga fund: USD 28.50

From two regional meetings: USD 60.00


=TOTAL: USD 124.03 (not considering the official taxes, that shall be payed directly via PayPal to NR treasury)


Two regional meetings: USD 60.00

Establishment of Nova Roma do Brasil non-profit organization: USD 100.00

=TOTAL: USD 160.00


Concerning regional meetings, I considered an expenditure of initial USD 20.00 for producing products that can be reused (flags and decoration artifacts, for example) and additional USD 20.00 for the expenditures of each meeting, such as food, drink, music, non-reusable decoration artifacts etc.

Besides, for establishing our province as a Brazilian non-profit organization, there are macronational fees equivalent to about USD 100.00


We expect to collect USD 124.03, while an expenditure of USD 160.00 is expected. This is equal to a USD 35.97 deficit.

This is why we ask the Senate to authorize our Province to keep USD 40.00 from what we receive as taxes, so that our expenses can be reimbursed.

Given in the Provincia Brasilia, a.d. XIX Kal. Feb. MMDCCLXII a.u.c, with M. Curiatus and M. Iulius cos.


Leg. pr. Pr. Brasiliae Provinciae

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