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Salvete Senatores,

I respectfully submit my governor's report for the year 2761 AUC.

Early in the year, Canada's Eastern province changed its name from Canada Orientalis to Canada Citerior. I deeply thank Gnaeus Iulius Caesar, Legatus Pro Praetore of Canada West, for his co-operation and assistance in making this transition for both provinces.

As I stated in a letter to the Senate dated September 21, 2761, Canada Citerior is not doing well at all. This is the situation:

In January, there were only 4-5 active citizens of the provincia. This has generally always been the case.

In April, I came down with pneumonia and had to pay complete attention to my health, so I wasn't in touch much. Because of the illness, I had to cancel a gathering slated for August 31st.

One of the active citizens, Pompeia Minucia Strabo, has taken a leave of absence and been relieved as procurator.

Another of the citizens, Decimus Aemilius Severus, has gone completely out of touch.

Another citizen, Decimus Scribonius Severus has declined the position of procurator, and has said he will be inactive for the most part between September and May as he is in College.

That leaves me as the only active citizen of Canada Citerior, and even I'm not as active as I used to be because I was given legal custody of my son in early September, and am now a single father.

Canada Citerior is in rough shape and though I have done everything in my power to help it grow, it is clear that Canada Citerior is not flourishing under my leadership.

Therefore, I ask not to be prorogued, but respectfully offer my resignation as legatus pro praetore of Canada Citerior.

There is no one active in Canada Citerior who is experienced enough to take over as governor. If you accept my resignation, I would ask that the Senate decide what the best course of action is in the coming days, weeks, and months. If you require me to remain as governor for a time for whatever reason, I will do so. I only ask that I be permitted to step aside as soon as an appropriate replacement can be found.

I offer my sincere and profound apologies to you, the Officers and Senators of Nova Roma. I have no excuse for the failure that has occurred in Canada Citerior, and - as its governor - bear 100% of the blame.




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