Canada Orientalis provincial report MMDCCLX

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Salvete Consul et Senatores:

Forwarded to the Consul and Senate for your consideration.

Valete Po Minucia Strabo Procuratrix Canada Orientalis Provincia

Lucius Aurelius Severus <> wrote:

Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 06:37:40 -0700 (PDT) From: Lucius Aurelius Severus <> Subject: Annual Report, Canada Orientalis, MMDCCLX To: Pompeia Minucia Strabo <>

To the August Body of Senators who serve Nova Roma,

From Lucius Aurelius Severus, Legatus Pro Praetore, Canada Orientalis,


This was my first term as Legatus Pro Praetore of Canada Orientalis. Though there was 0 growth in terms of members, there was activity within the provincia to keep us busy.

The Provincial website was updated and modified this year. Through some consultation with the citizens of the provincia, a strategy to aid in finding Nova Roma in Canada was devised and implemented through internet search engines.

As soon as I took office, I began a campaign of encouraging citizens of the provincia to pay taxes by emailing them personally. This appears to have been somewhat successful. In addition, I held polls on taxpaying in the Yahoo group which we call home. Those who responded did so favourably.

It appears to be more difficult this year to retrieve accurate financial information from the NR Website, but judging by the information available, Canada Orientalis had a higher rate of taxpaying than in most previous years.

As you are no doubt aware, Canada Orientalis is home to "Fort Malden", a Roman military and civilian re-creation event. Before the even took place, I held polls on how many would be attending Fort Malden. Attendance appears to be down from previous years. I, myself, was unable to attend due to other commitments (a family wedding occurred on that weekend).

I am told that Fort Malden was a great success this year despite our low attendance.

I intend to attend Fort Malden in MMDCCLXI, and hope to attend as Legatus Pro Praetore of Canada Orientalis, to represent the Provincia at a real life gathering. Therefore, I am asking to be prorogued as Governor of our Provincia.

I ask that you give this request due consideration.


Lucius Aurelius Severus, Legatus Pro Praetore, Canada Orientalis

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