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Carnuntum Römerfest (Roman Festival) in Austria

In June, with the Pannonian Regio Rostallonensis and with the Nova Roman reenactor soldiers of the Cohors VI Carpathica, Cn. Lentulus' participated in the Carnuntum Römerfest, where Pannonian Nova Romans established contacts with other reenactor groups, made a public sacrifice for the 15th Anniversary of Nova Roma, and visited Roman sites and museums, including a reconstructed Roman villa. Some photos:

Carnuntum2013 0440.jpg Carnuntum2013 0441.jpg Carnuntum2013 0452.jpg

Carnuntum2013.jpg Carnuntum2013 0433.jpg Carnuntum2013 0463.jpg

Carnuntum2013 0517.jpg Carnuntum2013 0505.jpg

Carnuntum2013 0538.jpg Carnuntum2013 0539.jpg

Carnuntum2013 0488.jpg Carnuntum2013 0486.jpg

Carnuntum2013 0586.jpg Carnuntum2013 0564.jpg

Carnuntum2013 0570.jpg Carnuntum2013 0585.jpg

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