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Summer Camp at Burgus Colonia Rostallo in 2013

(Nova Roman Mountain Camp in Rostallo) Besides the main provincial camp, a new tradition of ours is that we hold each year a second summer camp in an areal subdivision of Pannonia, in Regio Rostallonensis, centered around our local community, burgus Colonia Rostallo. The programs were similar to the first camp, but here a greater emphasis was put on physical training, mountain tours, and daily lectures. A solemn sacrifice was offer for the 15th Anniversary of Nova Roma during the event. This cam lasted a week, as well. At the moment, we can expose only a very few photos of the Summer Camp:

Rostallo2013SummerCamp.jpg Rostallo2013SummerCamp2.jpg


Celebrations of the 2nd Anniversary of Burgus Rostallo in 2013 (Autumn Camp)

A subdivision of Pannonia and local community that aims to become a colonia one day, burgus Rostallo has celebrated its second anniversary with a 3 days long Roman autumn camp. We lived an in-depth Roman life for 3 days on the mountain, and perfomed a sacrifice for the blessings of the gods for 2nd Anniversary of Nova Roman Rostallo and the 15th Anniversary of Nova Roma. At the moment, only a very few photos could be uploaded, they are about the ritual:

Rostallo2013AutumnCamp.jpg Rostallo2013AutumnCamp2.jpg Rostallo2013AutumnCamp3.jpg

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