Certamen Petronianum (Nova Roma)

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The Certamen Petronianum is the highest profile literary competition of Nova Roma, organized by the aediles plebis, including juries like world famous Roman novel author Dr. Colleen McCullough, Roman history scholar and author Prof. Dr. Peter Wiseman, and recently international award-winner author, writer and poet Jo Walton (who happens to be a citizen, member of Nova Roma under the Roman name Appia Tullia Hospes).

For the current (ongoing) Certamen Petronianum II, visit its own page: Certamen Petronianum II Webpage

First Edition in 2005

Roman date: Fr. Apulo C. Laenate cos. MMDCCLVIII a.u.c.

Organized by: M'. Constantinus Serapio - aedilis plebis

Second (Current) Edition in 2015

Roman date: M. Pompeio Sex. Lucilio cos. MMDCCLXVIII a.u.c.

Organized by: A. Iulius Paterculus - aedilis plebis

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