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Ludi circenses Apollinares 2763 auc - the results of the FINALS

Here are below the results for FINALS of the circenses apollinares, run in the Circus Maximus.

Were competing just two chariots, who won their respective semi-finals.

The far-right column says if the chariot has suffered an accident, and if yes, in which of the seven laps of the race. An accident means the definitive end of the race for the concerned chariot (for more informations, consult the Race report as soon as available).

The rank is here the rank on the arrival line.

Like for Incitatus, Equa noctis (Night mare) makes a briliant entry, for its first participation to the Circenses, for Aeternia-Enodiaria's chariot wins the contest, defeating an experienced rig, Plauta's Ala rubra, whose auriga, Arctus, who did not often meet dea Fortuna these last years.

Sincere congratulations to Nyxia, to both owners, and to both Veneta and Russata factiones !!

Honor, force and pride for both finalists !!!


Rank Essedius Auriga Factio Owner Tactics Acc. in lap
WINNER Equa noctis (Night mare) Nyxia V R. Cornelia Val. Iuliana Aeternia and V. Ritulia Enodiaria F no
II Ala rubra Arctus R L. Livia Plauta F no
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