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Ludi circenses Apollinares 2763 auc - the ORDER in the CARCERES

Here below the order in the carceres for every four quarter-finals.

The rigs (essediae) have been organized according the method of the seeded players, which is the one applied, for example, for the tennis ATP or soccer FIFA main competitions.

Each quarter opposing 3 rigs, each one owns a seeded essedia. The seeded rigs have been picked from the results of last circenses Novi Romani (March 2763). The method is the same than the ATP or FIFA one: on each extremity of the table, considered horizontally with the 1st quarter at far-left and the 4th quarter at far-right, are the best ranked rigs, here below, respectively the ranked 2 and 3, as Incitatus, who won in March (so nb 1), did not enter these Apollinares. Then, as seeded rig of the 2nd quarter comes Drunas (nb 4), on center-left, and Venator ventorum V (Windchaser V), nb 5, on center-right.

All the other essediae have been placed in the same way. The remaining rigs, which did not enter the March 63 races, but which have already run and are thus listed in the Album heroum table, were inserted in a second time, in the following immediately available places. The last places on the 12 positions were, last, taken by new entering rigs, that we have the great pleasure welcoming in the family of the Circences.

When there was, in each above phase, a possible choice, we have organized the rigs so that, if possible, not two rigs belonging to a same factio be opposed. Just such one case, where two russati oppose, finally takes place.

The rank below is the Novi Romani one, therefore the order of the insertion in the quarter-finals, according the method just described.

The tactics chosen by every owner/auriga is naturally displayed... once the race has been already run !


Rank Essedius Auriga Factio Owner Tactics
II Albus ventus Hermanus A C. Maria Caeca F
IX Amaxa Ursus R L. Livia Plauta F
NEW Equa noctis (Night mare) Nyxia V R. Cornelia Val. Iuliana Aeternia and V. Ritulia Enodiaria D


Rank Essedius Auriga Factio Owner Tactics
IV Drunas Nervia A P. Memmius Albucius F
XIII Lusitana Ducaliter R C. Cocceius Spinula B
no entry in Ma. 63 Taurus II Amadian R P. Constantinus Placidus B


Rank Essedius Auriga Factio Owner Tactics
V Venator ventorum Emrys Gallus V Max. Valeria Messallina C
no entry in Ma. 63 Taurus I Amarach R P. Constantinus Placidus B
NEW Procella perfecta Arianrhod A C. Maria Caeca C


Rank Essedius Auriga Factio Owner Tactics
III Luxogenes Eporicus A P. Memmius Albucius F
XII Ala rubra Arctus R L. Livia Plauta F
no entry in Ma. 63 Raudus Ferraria P Lucia Postumia Crispa C
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