Circenses Apollinares semi carceres (Nova Roma)

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Ludi circenses Apollinares 2763 auc - SEMI-FINALS : the ORDER in the CARCERES

Here below the order in the carceres for both semi-finals.

The rigs (essediae) have been organized according the method of the seeded players, which is the one applied, for example, for the tennis ATP or soccer FIFA main competitions.

Each semi opposes 4 rigs, respectively for the first one the 1st and 2nd chariots of the 1st and 2nd quarter-finals, and, for the second one, the 1st and 2nd chariots of the 3rd and 4th quarter-finals.

The rank below is the place in the carceres from the spina to the wall.

The tactics chosen by every owner/auriga is naturally displayed... once the race has been already run !

1st SEMI

Rank Essedius Auriga Factio Owner Tactics
I Albus ventus Hermanus A C. Maria Caeca F
II Equa noctis (Night mare) Nyxia V R. Cornelia Val. Iuliana Aeternia and V. Ritulia Enodiaria D
III Taurus II Amadian R P. Constantinus Placidus B
IV Drunas Nervia A P. Memmius Albucius F

2nd SEMI

Rank Essedius Auriga Factio Owner Tactics
I Ala rubra Arctus R L. Livia Plauta F
II Luxogenes Eporicus A P. Memmius Albucius F
III Venator ventorum Emrys V Max. Valeria Messallina C
IV Procella perfecta Arianrhod A C. Maria Caeca C
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