Collegium pontificum decreta Februariae alter MMDCCLXI

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Caeso Fabius Buteo Modianus Pontifex et Flamen Pomonalis S.P.D.


The following members of the Collegium Pontificum have recently convened to vote on four Items:

Item I: Marcus Cassius Julianus

Recognizing all of the contributions that have been made by Marcus Cassius Julianus in the past towards restoring a religio Romana for Nova Roma, the Gods and Goddesses of Roma antiqua have seen to rewarding him with prosperity in his private enterprises.

The College of Pontiffs, recognizing that Marcus Cassius Julianus must now tend to the gifts laid before him by the Gods and Goddesses of our ancestors, hereby relieves him from his offices of Pontifex Maximus and releases him from any duties as pontifex and pontifex maximus, obligations and responsibilities he may have taken upon himself in these offices.

The College of Pontiffs thanks Marcus Cassius for his past services and wish him good fortune in his new ventures.

Six voted Uti Rogas, one Antiquo. Item I passed.

Item II: Application of Marca Hortensia Maior as Sacerdos Mentis.

Four voted Uti Rogas, two Antiquo, one Abstain. Item II passed.

Item III: Application of Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus for Flamen Palatualis.

Four voted Uti Rogas, three voted Antiquo. Item III passed.

Item IV: Application of Quintus Valerius Poplicola for Flamen Falacer.

Six voted Uti Rogas, one Abstain. Item IV passed.



Caeso Fabius Buteo Modianus

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