Comitia tributa voting form 2763 AUC

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Based on the edictum consulare Memmium concerning the organization of Nova Roman elections 2763 AUC and on the lex Fabia de ratione comitiorum populi tributorum


How to vote in the comitia populi tributa

Voting is done by sending an e-mail to <>

  • Step 1/ Carefully read the Notes on and under THE VOTING FORM below ("1", "2" and "3");
  • Step 2/ Copy the whole part below, called THE VOTING FORM, and paste it in the e-mail that you are going to send to cast your vote;
  • Step 3/ BEFORE you send the email with THE VOTING FORM that you have pasted, you must insert your Voter Code into the THE VOTING FORM. If you can't obtain your Voter Code, insert your exact full Nova Roman name;
  • Step 4/ Send the whole e-mail (which must contain THE VOTING FORM with your Voter Code with the elements that you will have inserted yourself, to the following address: <>. You must send the e-mail from your address that is your officially registered e-mail address in your Album Civium ID account.

If you receive a non-delivery e-mail back, simply re-cast your vote: this address works and has been tested several times before the vote. Just keep the non-delivery notification in case your second message arrives after the voting deadline.

How to get your Voter Code

As soon as you have get your Voter Code, insert it into the THE VOTING FORM below, as explained.

  • I. To get your voter code (6 alphanumerical characters):
- Go to your Album Civium page. Make sure you are logged in via the box on the right of the screen.
- Click on "Vote: vote here..." Around the 8th line, and the first "vote" is on a black background.
At this time, there may be two possibilities:
1. - either the page gives you your voter code, saying:

Welcome [Your Roman Name],

Your Voting Code is ABC987

If there is an election in progress, you may go there immediately using the button below.

  • DO NOT CLICK ON THE BUTTON! Your vote would not be processed.
  • Just copy your voter code, save it, make a written note of it, and now paste it in the space below in THE VOTING FORM, following "MY VOTER CODE:__".
2. - or a page called "Request voting code" opens, in which you have the possibility to get your voter code by inserting your date of birth in a special chart. Your voter code will then be sent to you at your personal address, the one that you gave us and that is listed in our database.
  • II. If you have NEVER HAD or STILL DO NOT HAVE a voter code, because you are a new citizen, ask for it immediately from the Presiding Magistrate at albucius_aoe at hotmail dot com. You will be given a special and provisional secured code, just for these elections.
  • III. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, you may send your vote without voter code, but the confidentiality of your vote will be naturally limited. By choosing this way, you agree to renounce every appeal or recourse, for such grounds, against the presiding magistrate, and more generally against every institution of Nova Roma Inc.


Copy the full text below, and, give your voter code, fill out the form, and send to <>.

1. MY VOTER CODE: ________________ (insert Voter Code here).


2.A. ELECTING MAGISTRATES: You may vote for as many candidates as you wish, but you are advised to vote only for those candidates you strongly support.

  • Aediles (2 positions/2 accepted candidates):



  • Quaestors (8 positions/1 accepted candidate):


  • Rogators (2 positions/1 accepted candidate):


  • Custodes (2 positions/1 accepted candidate):


  • Diribitores (4 positions/no candidate : no ballot)


ATTENTION : once cast, your vote cannot be altered or withdrawn. (lex Fabia, ibid. VI, C)

  1. The currently applicable lex Fabia does not allow voters to express, for every candidate, either a negative vote, or an abstention. To express her/his disapproval or abstention for the considered proposal, the voter must delete the option [UR]. If this option is not deleted, the diribitores will consider that this candidate is approved. Unlike to the Plebeian elections, lex Fabia does not allow write-in candidates or abstaining.

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