Constitution IV - MMDCCLXXIV (Nova Roma)

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The temporary and complementary Constitution IV was made the permanent Constitution of Nova Roma by the adoption of the extensive changes enacted by lex Lucilia de re publica restituenda.

The lex Lucilia codified the reformed theory and application of Nova Roman constitutional law which were already followed in practice during the crisis period in the policies of the chief magistrates who were empowered to act in ways that overrode the previous constitution. Thus many provisions that were formally written into the text of this constitution only now, by the enactment of the lex Lucilia, were already applied in the constitutional practice of Nova Roma under the previous, more laconic version of the lex Cornelia Domitia: this is one of the reasons why the temporary constitution was made the new permanent constitution by the lex Lucia and why a completely new text was not promulgated. The new, more Roman approach to the legal system of Nova Roma, encoded in the current text of the constution, started with the lex Cornelia Domitia de re publica constituenda in Cn. Lentulo Alexandro T. Domitio cos. MMDCCLXIX a.u.c..

Constitution of Nova Roma: Constitution IV - MMDCCLXXIV (Nova Roma)

Enacted: 26 Aug MMDCCLXXIV via: Lex Lucilia de re publica restituenda

Preceded by: Constitution IV - MMDCCLXIX

This is the last and current version of the constitution which you can read at: Current constitution (Nova Roma)

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