Consular convening edict of February 2763 auc session

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Feb. 2763 auc Senate session convening edict, a.d. VIII Kal. Mar. (Feb. 21)

Ex Officio Consulis Caesonis Fabii Buteonis Quintiliani

The Seventh Consular edict CFBQ on a call for a Senate meeting beginning in February

Salvete Patres et Conscripti!

I. The auspicia having been taken by Pontifex Maximus et Augur M. Moravius Piscinus Horatianus, "The Gods approve and are favorable to a session of the Senate beginning on 25 Feb": I come seeking the advice of the Senate on the following agenda.

II. As the need of the calender allows only for a few days of session in February and we still haven't the basis for a Budget due the personal situation of our CFO, I have decided to just call for the decision on two items, the apppointment of Governors and a decision that from now on each "advise" (SC) in the Senate will be published as a separate Senatus Consultum and that old advises should be organized the same way. This will be done to make it easier to look for previous advises.

III: I am _forced_ to make a trip during the Senate meeting probably beginnig from the morning of the 25th, my Internet access will be very limited as I will sit in a car or at private meetings, but I will try to take a look now and again at what is going on in the Senate. My Consular Colleague and I have discussed and agreed on the items on the agenda and he has graciously agreed to stand in my place and answer questions if I am not available at times.

IV. The Senate shall be called into session with discussions beginning from 06.00 hrs. CET on Thursday 25 February, 2763 and with discussions to continue until 24.00 hrs. CET on Friday 26th February, 2763. A a recess is called for on February 27th 2763 (for Equirria is dies nefastus publicus). Discussions are to continue from 06.00 hrs. CET on Thursday the 28th February, 2763 until 24.00 hrs. CET the 28th of February. A recess is called for on 1st March (for Matronalia) and on 2 March as it is dies ater.

V. Voting on the agenda will then begin at 06.00 hrs. CET on Wednesday 3rd of March 2763 and conclude at 16.00 hours CET on Saturday 6th of March 2763.

VI. Senatores and Senatrices should not vote during night time hours of their respective locations.

VII. Useful link:

Quod bonum felixque sit populo Romano Quiritium, referimus ad vos, Patres et Matres conscripti:

VIII. Agenda:

Item I. Appointment of Governors (a list of candidates will be added later)

Item II. Decision that from now on each advise in the Senate will be published as a separate Senatus Consultum to make it easier to look for previous advises. Further from now on a project to organize old advises as separate Senateus Consultum will bew set by the Consuls. All our SC should in the end be searchable.

IX. This Edictum becomes effective immediately.

Given this 21th of January, in the year of the Consulship of P. Memmius Albucius and the Second Consulship of K.Fabius Buteo Quintilianus, 2763 AUC.


Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus

Consul Iterum
Princeps Senatus
Flamen Palatualis

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