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The following declaration has been held on Nov. 28, 2763 auc, towards the People in the Forum romanum, by Candidate Cornelia Valeriana Juliana Aeternia (St.) :

My declaration for the intent to run for the position of Curule Aedile was accepted by our Maior Consul, I fulfill the requirements of being well over the age of 25, an Assidui, current low ranking Magistrate, and a current second rank Provincial Officer. This is my formal announcement of my intention to run for next years office of Curule Aedile.

As some of you know and many do not, I have been involved in Nova Roma since Dec.'99, I have made many friends over the long span of time, some have become what I basically consider family. As the founder of the Sodalitas Musarum, I brought forth the first Culturally Artistic Sodalitas to NR. Over the years my vision for artistic growth has developed and indeed has matured. I believe that with my vision, along with hardwork, and iron clad determination, I'll give a definite breath of fresh air to the Aedileship.

My background in the management of others in group settings, falls primarily with my extensive impeccable background(I'd rather not list everything for it will be a while) and involvement in many Re-enacting circles ranging from the Dark Age/Medieval to Late Roman Empire, I have been involved with this scene since childhood, and I have established my own group which currently has over 70 members and the end of the day, they technically still answer to me. I know many may frown upon the words above, but I believe this gives me an edge and different perspective that can be applied to the Aedileship and make it something worthwhile.

My work ethic has always been " Gotta Work Hard, to Play Hard" and that will be applied to the office of Curule Aedile, I do also have my proposed agenda for the upcoming year, but didn't want to bungle the list too much. But it will be posted in the next few days, if anyone wants to do Q&A sessions I'll gladly do them.

Thank you all for listening and your attention.

A Bona Fortuna across the board to all the Candidates!

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