Decretum pontificum de obstito (Nova Roma)

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This decretum is currently active.

The Collegium Pontificum having met this 19th and 20th of July 2010, issues the following:

Decretum pontificum de obstito

I. Obstitum, as defined by L. Cincius, is whatever the Gods and Goddesses stand against; that is, that which has been seen as nefarious.

II. Obstitum is signaled, according to Cloatius Verus and Aelius Stilo, when a violent strike of lightning is sent down from the heavens. Therefore, if during sacra publica or other public actions by sacerdotes and/or magistrates of Nova Roma a violent strike of lightning is seen nearby, it must be reported to the collegium pontificum for examination of what may have been opposed by the Gods.

III. When such an examination determines some object or action to be obstitum that was not previously known, the collegium pontificum shall issue a decretum declaring the object or action to be nefas and perform piacula for the offended deities.

a.d. XIII Kal. Sex. P. Memmio K. Buteone (II) cos. MMDCCLXIII a.u.c.

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