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Do not edit it without previous authorization given by Aedilitas curulis staff or by Cn. Cornelius Lentulus.

You will find below DOROTHEA, Cn. Cornelius Lentulus' gladiator official aedilician personal file
(updated on Oct. 18, 2008).

File:Dorothea.jpg DOROTHEA
Gender : F
Birthplace:  ?


Age : 23
Weight librae: 153 *
Height pedes/digiti: 5.7 *
Registr. for 2761 in :
Athletics : no
Munera : yes
Venationes : no
Circenses : no
1st registr.: Octobres 2761
Oct. 11, 2761 auc.
Patronus : Cn. Cornelius Lentulus
Current factio : Russata
Current value (pts) : 20

Victories: none
Best fight: Octobres 2761
Oct. 18, 2761 - 10th

NB: For the numbers marked by a "*", see the equivalences with
meter and kilogr. at the bottom of this page.

Last Hierocles's news Oct. 20, 2761 --

Dorothea's short defeat against Butio during the Munera Octobres has not destroyed the young Dorian optimism. Once her wounds closed, she will come back to the Ludus.

Birthday MMDCCXXXVIII (1985) - 23 y.o. at id. oct. 2761 - unknown day
Appearance Very beautiful face and dark hair, her dark eyes shows both a real shyness and a sharp cleverness. Her body is thin and just muscular enough. Seems supple and tonic, and always in a perfect fitness.
Habits Leave the Ludus and the city to run and practice alone in the countryside early in the morning, before a fight. After her exercises, she reads a few pages of her Greek or Latin preferred author.

Do not dislike the night life, and the risks it brings.

Hobbies Greek as Latin literature. Chating with sister Delbo when she happens to meet her.
Bio Born in a middle-class dorian family in Greece, this clever young girl has been given by both parents the sense our pride and values. When teen she kept the pride and bettered up her abilites in fighting, under her uncle's supervision. Her speed, opportunism, tactical sense, help her quick to equalize men, specially in thraex role, which she specialize in around 18. In the second half of her 18th year, she decided to travel away, though her parents' prayers, around the Mediterranean sea, fighting for food and, soon, for extra-money. Her witty mind and sarcastic humor has given her has yet given to her as many enemies that her beautiful smile and cristalline laugh lovers. Has many love affairs, that she handles so that keep in it a constant control. She is the one who chooses. Has been living in Rome since October 2760.
His first fight Unknown
Ludi career Not well known: provincial circuit around the Mediterranean sea, before coming to Rome in the 2nd half of 2761. Currently in russata Cn. Cornelius Lentulus's team.
Wins None yet
Best performance Octobres 2761 Oct. 18, 2761 - 10th

Relation with meter : Pes Palma Digitus
Pes: 1 4 16
Palma : 0.25 1 4
Digitus : 0.0625 0.25 1
Meter : 0.2944 0.0736 0.0184
Relation with kilogr. : Libra Uncia
Libra: 1 12
Uncia : 0.8333 1
Kilo : 0.327 0.2725

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